The Temple


A strange temple which seems to be dedicated to Old Gods. A mechanism triggered by Brofist seems to have flooded the town.


Filled with ghosts, zombies, goblins, hobgoblins, skeletons, tieflings, and a dragon.

Exploration Log

The outside of the temple doesn’t seem like much, but a hidden passageway on the eastern side leads down into the earth. A secret guard room stems off of this passage on the northern side. The passageway opens up into a larger room that has rivulets of water flowing through it. The eastern end is sealed with a vampiric door. When opened, the room is flooded, but after the water drains, the corridor behind the door is passable. The passageway slopes up slightly but dead-ends with a pair of metal shutters emblazoned with a strange symbol drawn in blood. A secret passage opens to the north, revealing a strange room filled with pipes. A passage leads to the west but quickly turns north and then east. Another room opens to the south. The corridor continues east and turns north. A pair of iron doors guard the Furnace Room tothe west. The corridor continues north, then turns east, north, and then east before an entrnace to Szartharrax’s den opens to the north. The corridor also opens onto the room’s eastern side and continues to the east. The corridor opens into an extremely large room with a large, fallen pillar dividing the center and the southern wall collapsed. Two doorways lead into a library on the north. A corridor tuns to the east, then turns south, east, and south. At this final turn, a doorway to the north leads to a second pillar room.

At unknown coordinates is a large hall. To the east, a large ramp leads upwards inside anothe dimly lit hall.

The Temple

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