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  • Joseph Rinnon

    Joseph Rinnon has served Whitevale as the Protector-General for almost fifty years at campaign's start. As such, he leads the village militia and is as close to a central leader Whitevale has. Rinnon had one son, John, who has been missing for a half- …

  • Andothel

    Andothel has spent most of his life making maps of the surrounding area for Whitevale residents. He is most noted for drawing up the political boundries for the village, dividing the farmlands between the families.

  • Fenry Canyskell

    The Canyskell line has always been pretty poor. With no family-owned lands, many of Fenry's predecessors took to serving small shifts on the village watch or begging in the streets. Ever since he could remember, Fenry despised this lifestyle and vowed to …

  • Howard Phillips Liebehandwerke

    Grew up in a farming family in the village of Whitevale before suddenly and unexpectedly manifesting magical ability. Joined the militia soon afterwards and spends most of his free time in the library. Lately, he has become strange and distant, …

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