John Rinnon

Son of Joseph Rinnon and ex-veteran of Whitevale


Born to Joseph Rinnon. Following in his father’s footsteps, he served in the Whitevale militia and organized a widely-known adventuring band known as “Rinnon’s Blades.” Despite this success, John and his party have been missing for about six months from the start of the campaign.

He was referenced in Balthasar’s Journal.

As it turns out, he was the Mysterious Ghost the party encountered in the tunnels below the temple. His journal revealed that he had asperations to leave the city, and that he knew of a method to do so. Before he and his party could continue in this plan to leave, they were killed. In death, he hoped to trick the party into activating the NemeSYS and was successful, though it appears that his ghost was destroyed in the process.

John Rinnon

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