Milita veteran missing for two weeks


Balthasar served in the Whitevale militia as a captain for several years, becoming a captain by the time of the disappearance of Rinnon’s Blades six months before the start of the campaign. He was a good friend of the missing John Rinnon and deeply disheartened by the latter’s apparent death.

Balthasar himself disappeared two weeks before the campaign’s start. As a part of the PC’s mission, they are to investigate his disappearance.

On 17. Rethe 105, he made himself known again, by taking part in the Battle of Whitevale. He was seemingly allied with the marauding goblinoids, and staged a raid on Joseph Rinnon’s office, nearing killing the elder.

He was later confronted deep within the temple caverns. At first, he tried to convince the party to join John and him in their plan to deactivate the artifact and leave Whitevale. When it became apparent they would not betray their families, Balthar did not hesitate to attack them. He managed to kill Fagdol Ferroxanth before Brofist Ferroxanth threw him over the edge of the mysterious airship, killing him.


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