To Serve the Gods: Whitevale

Session 3


The animated statues have left a hole in the temple wall, creating an entrance for the party to descend down into the ruins. Several demonic reliefs are carved into the walls, and Enummi finds a secret room built behind one of these. Creating an entrance into this room, the PC’s enter to find a long-dead corpse lying in moldy bed. Across from the corpse is an old chest, which Howard breaks open. He finds an old book (similar to a journal), and a smaller box inside. He takes the book without allowing the rest of the party to see it, and Dara ends up taking the smaller chest, which contains two pieces of chalk.

Beyond the hallway, the floor levels out into a wider room, in which several canals and gutters are built into the floor. The party immediately notices three statues in the room, from which phantasmal warriors emerge. At the same time, three corpses rise from the far side of the room, and small bits of detritus and bone animate from the waters.

The party defeats the undead after a prolonged and difficult combat. They immediately notice the large, ornate door built into the far wall, which boasts several gemstones and a mouth-like handle. Also, a ghost appears in front of the party, asking them for help. He states that he does not remember who he was in life, only that his lover has been trapped on the other side of this door. He explains that the vampiric nature of the door will sap some energy from the opener, and, being undead, he cannot open it. Brofist immediately comes to his aid and opens the door. The door bursts open and water fills the room. The dwarves attempt to explore further into the dungeon underwater, but do not find much before they have to turn back for air. As the party leaves the now-flooded temple for home, they see a nearby well overflowing with water, presumably from the flood underneath.


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