To Serve the Gods: Whitevale

Session 2

Reading the Map

The party, unable to read the goblin’s map, travels back to town to attempt to get it translated and rest for the night. They find Andothel, an eladrin mapmaker, who has made most of the maps for the village. He agrees to interpret their map, by matching it up with his own maps to find where it is. After several hours of interpretation, he informs them that it is a crudely-drawn version of the northern woods, close to where the party was traveling. He points out the clearing they fought the goblins in, as well as two points titled “Waterfall” and “Temple.”

The party decides to travel first to the Waterfall. Following the river Northwest, they do indeed find a small waterfall, which the goblin tribes have made into a camp. The place is crawling with orcs and goblins, with many coming and going from a cave behind the waterfall. The party instantly realizes they are outnumbered and decides not to attack the camp head-on. Instead, Dara uses an animal messenger to inform Rinnon about the camp, while Fagdol decides to walk back to inform him personally. Rinnon informs the dwarven matron that he will prepare the town’s defenses and tells her to continue investigating with the party.

As she walks back, the rest of the party witnesses a haggard goblin team enter the camp. These new creatures have apparently seen recent combat, and are shaken. The party decides to investigate the Temple area. Incidentally, the goblin party’s track seem to be going opposite the PC’s path. Also, about halfway to their destination, they find a goblin corpse. The cause of death seems to be heavy bludgeoning wounds.

The party arrives at its destination and finds some ruins of what appears to be a temple to an ancient evil deity. The characters walk into the ruins and see a series of statues carved into a wall. The statues promptly animate and attack the party, which deftly handles the golems with little problem.


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