To Serve the Gods: Whitevale

Session 1

Onset of Adventure

Character creation finished, with Alex joining the party temporarily, as Elven Ranger Andor.

Party is summoned to Protector-General Joseph Rinnon’s office. As members of the militia, it is time for them to form a band to better serve the village. Their first mission as a band is given to them:

  • Their primary objective is to investigate the increased goblinoid activity near the fringes of the farmlands and impede goblinoid expansion into the village.
  • As a secondary objective, they should look into the whereabouts of the dragonborn marshal Balthasar, or the circumstances of his death.

Rinnon reminds the party that six months ago, his son, John Rinnon took his band into the Northern Woods on a mission, but also disappeared. The Protector-General is not sure if this is related to Balthasar’s absence, but offers the comparison to the party nonetheless.

The party gathers their things and begins traveling into the northern woods. They track a small goblin scout party into a clearing. Setting up tactically, they attack the goblins and kill all but one of them, which escapes. The party finds a dingy map on one of the goblins, which they cannot interpret.


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