To Serve the Gods: Whitevale

Quick Update

Multi-session Update

I’ve been lax in updating every week, so here’s what happened so far:

After having unleashed the water in the underground temple, the party traveled back home, where they noticed the farmlands flooded. The town’s wells, it’s source of water, had been gushing out of control since the party left the temple. It’s obvious the two events are connected; however, the party puts this aside to assist their families and other villagers in dealing with the flood. Later that night, when the wells return to a normal state, the party reports to Joseph about their luck. He is infuriated upon hearing about the party opening the door and causing this epidemic. He takes the party off the mission and puts them back on normal watch duty.

The party becomes equally angry at Rinnon. Fagdol, tired of putting up with a brash human leader, attempts to raise enough dwarven support to try to leave Whitevale, but the rest of the community disagrees: to leave their only-known home for an uncertain future is not something the established families want. Even her husband disagrees with this decision. Howard (or was that Horace?) attempts to get translated a book he found in the temple. He hands it off to Fenry Canyskell, an amateur scribe and linguist near Andothel. A day later, he find that Rinnon’s personal soldiers have confiscated the book, citing it as being dangerous. The elves ask their family about temple ruins in the wilderness, and find out that while ruins do exist, none have been explored. However, Enummi was told that one of these temples burned to the ground a few years ago. Ariphas plans to take on the goblin encampment by himself, Rinnon be damned.

It’s when he begins to leave three days later, early in the morning to prevent Rinnon’s guards from stopping him, that a large wave of goblinoids begin to attack the city. Ariphas immediately joins the initial wave of dwarven resistance, backing him up with his invocations. The rest of the party, woken from their sleep, runs to the center of town to receive orders from one of Rinnon’s lieutenant. The eladrin soldier tells them to fight off the orcs that are raiding the village.

The party defeats such a team, as they see a white dragon fly overheard and a pillar of smoke come from the center of town, near Rinnon’s office. Heading back, they find that the orcs they fought were only a diversion, another group having plundered Rinnon’s office. Joseph, wounded from the battle, tells the party that the attack was led by Balthasar, who is working with demonic forces.

As the next session began, the protector-general, realizing how deeply insulted the party was at his earlier outburst, apologizes and tells them the source of his anger. Underneath the village, there is an ancient artifact that radiates positive energy and keeps Whitevale shielded from harm. While this magic field cannot protect against such mundane threats as orcs and goblins, it should be able to stand up against things like dragons and demons. The presence of the white dragon earlier that morning begins to worry Rinnon greatly. He is worried that Balthasar is tampering with the ancient artifact buried deep within the temple complex and that the dragonborn will literally unleash hell upon Whitevale if the focus is removed. He asks them to investigate further and stop Balthasar, whatever his purpose is.

The party agrees that their first course of action will be to investigate the waterfall goblin encampment, which they found to be guarded only by a small group of hobgoblins. Making short work of the monsters, the PC’s find a small treasure room guarded by a magic trap: energy bolts would fire at anyone who approached the chest and books left behind. Howard and Ariphas use their teleportation abilities to quickly pull the treasure out of the trap’s area. Aside from some treasure, they find what appears to be Balthasar’s journal:

Unsure what to make of Balthasar’s (or even Rinnon’s) intentions, the PC’s head to the temple, and are attacked by a wolf pack on the way there. At the temple, they find a goblin encampment, but there are no goblins in sight. Inside the secret room going into the drainage room, they find an abandoned goblin female. She appears to be both pregnant and sick. Brofist, in typical dwarven fashion, kills her. At the drainage room, they find more signs of goblin infestation, but ignore this as they continue past the vampiric door.

The door opens up into a long hallway, covered in dark-green tiles from ceiling to floor. The hallway end abruptly by a wall made of overlapping sheets of metal. What appears to be a bit of dirt or dried blood on the metal wall is indeed a symbol, which Howard appears to recognize, though he doesn’t give much information. Enummi discovers a secret door in the northern wall of the hallway, which the party opens to find a room full of bugbears!

Dispatching most of the creatures (leaving at least two to escape), the party finds the room to be covered in pipes and valves, several of which have labels in the ancient language the party still cannot read. In the corner, Howard finds a small locker, in which a thin, weak-looking hobgoblin is hiding. He tells this party his name is Vig, of the proud Breimend-dyn clan. The bugbears that the party just dispatched had kidnapped him, hoping he could read the labels in the room; upon discovering he could not, they were going to kill him. As the party showed up, Vig quickly hid inside the locker. Distrustful of the hobgoblin, but not wanting to kill him, the party forces him to tag along as they explore.

They find a small room adjacent to the “pipe room,” which is full of tools other equipment. It also contains a small collapse, which has buried at least one person. The party found nothing interesting in this room, so they kept going, noticing a nasty stench.

Turning a corner, they hear the piercing sound of scraping metal ahead. Investigating, they come across a set of black, iron double doors. Hearning nothing inside, Howard opens the door slightly to peek in, but it makes another loud screech. The door closes back on Howard, and he attempts to forcefully push it back open, initially failing. Trying again, this time with Brofist’s help, the doors swing open easily, and the two fall prone inside the room. The rest of the party notices the massive furnace in this room, which is full of humanoid corpses, and the tieflings very much alive in the room, drawing their weapons.


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