To Serve the Gods: Whitevale

Entry 5

Literally falling into the pitch-black furnace room, the PC’s find a team of tieflings, accompanied by some skeletal minions. They dispatch this new threat with little injury and manage to capture one, albeit allowing one to escape. The large furnace in the back of the room was not quite what it seemed: it opened up into a larger tunnel, which led into an enormous empty cavern. Walking up out of this new cave complex, they find Another World

The captured tiefling does not easily relinquish information, but does tell the dwarves that he works for the Raven Queen. He does not talk about his orders, but he does say that he dislikes “this crummy plane,” and wants nothing more than to go home. He mentions two names: the lieutenant Dajanni and the corporal Nierdhar, who the party killed just now.

Going on, turning another corner, the party finds a vast room. There is a raised dais in the center, upon which is an Obsidian Pillar that extends into the ceiling. Also on the dais (and around it) is a large pile of coinage and a chest. As the party rushes to take this treasure, a white dragon swoops down, icing the doorways over and attacking these intruders.

Fighting valiantly, the party brings down the rather-clumsy dragon. As it collapses near the pillar, it’s blood begins to seep up the stonework. The pillar glows with an inner light, which gets brighter and brighter, blinding the party and causing them to blackout.


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